Project77, Co.

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Project77 is a consulting and technology innovation firm focused on improving the educational outcomes of students by providing targeted support to the teachers, leaders, and stakeholders who impact their lives.  Founded by social entrepreneurs who were leaders in the education and private equity space, we bring cross-sector solutions to our partners through expertise in using data analytics to drive best practice.


The common thread that links high performing organizations is the ability to build strategic processes, measure effectiveness, learn insights, and continuously adapt to better serve stakeholders.  We strive to help make education organizations agile, by identifying problem areas and barriers to student success, creating sustainable measurement frameworks based on data, and providing targeted recommendations.  Our aim is to work with our partners to provide long-term solutions that dramatically impact student learning and success.



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Depending on the context and objectives of the data analysis, Project77 utilizes a variety of data techniques to glean meaningful insights from data.  We specialize in statistical techniques such as linear/logistic regression, time series analysis, and unsupervised learning models (e.g. clustering, hierarchical clustering, k-means) and prescriptive analytics techniques such as Difference-in-Differences, Monte Carlo simulations, and optimization (i.e. Solver).

Strategic Data Analytics Services: Data Aggregation, Feature Selection, and Model Selection

Analysing the Numbers

Project77 utilizes a variety of software packages to create visualizations that take complex findings and present them in a way that is informative and engaging.   As the size and scope of data increases, the complexity of the data analysis increases as well.  Project77 synthesizes the analysis and insights of data with powerful data visualization packages to produce valuable, meaningful, and actionable outputs.

Intuitive Data Visualizations, Frameworks, and Reports

Business Consultation

Project77 strongly believes in a hands-on approach when cleaning, transforming, and interpreting data.  We want to ensure a deeper and more insightful understanding of the data to encourage a well-informed decision-making process.  Our skillsets not only allow us to process complex educational data, but also to effectively communicate information back to all relevant stakeholders.

Personal Data Coaching, Change Management, and Technical Support

Gear System

For big data to be useful, the refined information needs to be able to bridge the gap between data silos and decision makers.  Project77 works very closely with its partners to create customized reporting that end users can interpret and act upon.  Additionally, we ensure that any outputs created can easily be integrated with current processes.

System Implementation and Customizations

Programming Console

Project77’s knowledge of popular programming languages used in data analytics allows us to tackle data issues with unprecedented approaches towards statistical analysis, automation, and efficiency development.

Programming Languages Used: Python, SQL, R, and VBA




Project77 partnered with a high performing medium-sized school district to transform the way its administration and school leaders interact with a multitude of data sources to drive strong academic outcomes for students.

As a result, the district is able to:

  • Engage in data having the capabilities to drill down to the granular teacher and student contextual level to find insights and solutions

  • Drive significant efficiency gains by integrating first and third-party data sources into a single master data repository

  • Test hypotheses and assumptions using real data allowing leadership to gauge the effectiveness of strategies and interventions

  • Align district goals across multiple schools with standardized data collection instrument and procedures to promote data integrity

  • Discover previously unknown opportunities to support student academic achievement as well as identify areas of improvement